Over 1-year-ago Snapchat Travel Recaps? These 10 Virtual Museum Tours Will Let You See the World Again From the Safety and Comfort of Your Own Home

Take a look at world famous paintings and exhibitions, from the United Kingdom all the way to Argentina!

Quarantine was a weird period for everybody. Lockdown constraints, limited opening hours, reduction in the number of allowed guests and travel restrictions were all enforced worldwide. Entertainment of every sort was confined to in-door activities only, so you could forget about movie night with your friends anytime soon.

Or is that so?

Museums, just like most organizations earning profit from their in-person-operated kind-of-services, found themselves struggling to keep their business afloat. Now, a year into this global phenomenon, museums everywhere have come up with the idea to hold virtual museum tours after a record number of sites were closed down temporarily.

  1. Amsterdam
virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

The Van Gogh Museum, located in the heart and soul of the Netherlands, contains an exquisite collection of well over 200 paintings and sculptures. Additionally this is the home as well to around 500 drawings from the famous artist of the same name and his contemporaries. The ‘Google Street Virtual Experience’ gives visitors close access to Van Gogh’s greatest handwritten letters about his life, online boarding games, and much more.

With the institution is temporarily closed and not expecting to open its door to the general public until March 31st, people of all ages can enjoy everything they have to offer!

They currently hold no exhibition fees. An online ticket gives people the opportunity to visit both the permanent collections and exhibitions on view, in addition to the temporary ones they bring. Further discounts and promotions are given to scholars, the elderly, and everybody on special occasions (with the exception of Dutch holidays).

2. London

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

Founded in 2000, Tate Modern is an institution that houses, in a series of galleries, a collection of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated artists, as well as those around the world with popular contemporary art pieces.

An artist that certainly remains as one of the most influential figures in contemporary art is Andy Warhol. More than 20 years after his death, Warhol maintains his status as pop artist and cultural icon. He was a shy gay man who, born as the son of immigrants, embraced consumerism, celebrity and counter culture – all while changing the definition of modern art in the process. America’s Auction House estimates his paintings to cost as low as $10,000, depending on the piece of work and where it is being offered.

For those who are interested in seeing the Pittsburg native’s Marilyn Monroe and Campbell Soup paintings can purchase their tickets at Tate’s exhibition online platform. Tickers are free but some exhibitions might charge for access. The one-way route guides visitors from the Turbine Hall and through the exhibitions. There will be access to toilets, the souvenir shop, and stores to buy refreshments. The proper guidelines such as wearing a mask and limitations of 6 people per group are being enforced to avoid the spread of the virus.

Still, if fans of Warhol do not feel comfortable going in person, they can always experience a virtual tour of the museum via their website. The museum’s short documentary on the life and work of Andy Warhol, his immigration process, and struggles with his sexuality. Curators Gregor Muir and Fiontan Moran give in the video a more in-depth analysis of the man behind the notorious blonde wigs.

3. Japan

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

For the opposite of a crappy time, make sure to schedule a virtual museum visit to the Unko Museum in Tokyo, Japan – the country’s very unique art institution dedicated to poop. Located in the Odaiba district, Unko has quickly become one of the most talked-about attractions for both locals and tourists alike.

Unko, which can be translated to ‘poop,’ is a candy-colored space with a range of poop-themes interactive games and challenges, photo booths, and gift shops. After the break of the coronavirus pandemic they came up with an extensive online space that includes an interactive chat with the company’s mascot and view of their gallery of toilet art created and inspired by celebrities. They also host regular live sessions on Unko Museum’s Official Instagram page where they discuss everything from new merchandise releases to one’s digestive system.

4. Mexico City

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

Another attraction that is sure to captivate its visitors is the Frida Kahlo Museum, based in Mexico City, Mexico. Also known as ‘Caza Azul’ due to its picturesque blue walls, the family home-turned-museum has been opening its doors to the general public since July 1958.

The museum exhibits the ambience of tranquility and comfort, with some of the artist’s most iconic dresses, as well as remarkable pre-Columbian sculptures, intimate photographs, documents, books, and furniture. Some of Diego Rivera’s paintings, who was married to Kahlo up to her death, are also featured in the art institution.

Starting March 6th, guests have been welcomed following CDC protocols to ensure the safety and comfort of everybody. Tickets start at $25, However, those that choose to do a virtual museum tour instead can do so by heading to their website. It gives a 360-degree view of every room, artwork, and garden of the famous Blue House totally free of charge.

5. Toronto

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

Located in Toronto, Canada, the Bata Shoe Museum (BSM) regularly displays thousands of shoes and related artifacts, in architect Raymond Moriyama’s emblematic award-winning building. It celebrates the style, development, and function of footwear across four different galleries. The BSM serves as an exhibition space to bound-foot shoes embraced by the Chinese and ancient-inspired Egyptian sandals to chestnut-crushing clogs and glamorous Hollywood-inspired platforms. More than 4,500 years of history is reflected in the Canadian-based institution permanently, while its other three galleries feature something different every other week to keep things fresh and interesting for its visitors.

The fashion building is temporarily closed, but people can still learn about the origins of cloth shoes and how wedge heels are made by going over their virtual museum exhibitions. Every one of the four galleries contains a virtual portfolio and guide of all pieces. It even contains tutorial videos and additional teacher-recommended resources for those looking for more information.

6. Memphis

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

Another location to look at is Graceland, once home to rock and roll icon, Elvis Presley. From the funky jungle room to the still-in-prime condition music room, and from the flamingo-wall bathroom and wide horse stables, Graceland is an experience of a lifetime. This is where he recorded hit albums and home movies. It is also where he lived with his family and entertained friends. It is visited by millions of people each year, including fellow movie stars, sports heroes, and political figures from around the world.

The museum is open both for in-person visitors and those that wish to do the museum tour online. At $98.50 a ticket, visitors can catch a glimpse of the life of the ‘King of Rock.’

Unfortunately, there are some areas that remain restricted.

When she agreed to turn the house into a museum, Priscilla Presly (the singer’s widow), decided to keep the upstairs area private. This is excluded from both the in-person and virtual museum tours. Still, critics remain delighted with the project and continue to invite fans around the world to learn more about the man whose career started with an old and dusty guitar.

7. Figueres

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

The nex artist on the list is Salvador Dali, a man who knows no boundaries for the imagination.

The Dali Theater Museum is located in Dali’s hometown of Figueres, Spain – displaying pieces as eccentric and alluring as the painter. The ‘pink bread encrusted’ museum, designed by him, is the pure example of surrealism. Some of the pieces featured at the Dali Theater’s Museum are the Mae West Room, the Labyrinth, the Rain Taxi, the courtyard of golden Oscar statues, and the painting of ‘Gala contemplating the Mediterranean Sea’ that serves as a blurry reflection of the former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

A virtual tour of the museum gives everyone free and total access (or a 360-degree view) of the rooms and paintings inside the art building. The Dali Theater Museum is happy to make their exhibitions public to the general audience. Nonetheless, they warn internet users that the commercial or any other kind of exploitation of the videos will be punishable by law. Reproduction rights of the virtual visit are reserved – no excuses.

8. Los Angeles

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

If you are one of those people who has to quarantine with an ex, this could be something of a bonding experience for you both!

The Museum of Broken Relationships is dedicated to failed love relationships. This is a physical public space created with the sole purpose of treasuring and sharing stories about one’s heartbreaks. It is a museum about you, about me, and all of us who have experienced love and later misplaced it.

It was founded by 2 Croatian-based artists, sculptor Dražen Grubišić and film producer Olinka Vištica, after they ended their 4-year relationship in 2006. It has since inspired thousands of people worldwide to channel those ‘destructive’ emotions of a breakup by adding to the growing collection of intimate items. They exhibit all kinds of personal objects that were left behind from former lovers and detailed descriptions about these relationships and what it meant to its participants. Every piece in display comes from an anonymous failed relationship and an accompanying personal note explaining its story and significance.

Due to covid restrictions, the museum is restricting the number of parties per visit – with everybody having to schedule and purchase their $18 tickets beforehand online. But if you can’t make it to the location, the museum’s director, Alexis Hyde, gives a virtual tour of the museum’s most popular items free of charge on their official youtube account.

So, awkward museum date with your ex, anyone?

9. New York City

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

If you have a sweet tooth and can’t seem to get enough of picture editing and caption brainstorming, the Museum of Ice Cream will truly feel like paradise for you!

Established in 2016 by young entrepreneur Mayrellis Bunn, this dessert-inspired emporium has become the ‘it place’ for A-listers like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Kevin Hart, as well as thousands of up and coming influencers and social media-craving teens. This business was built with the promise to provide sprinkles, happiness, and every ice cream flavor your heart desires. Every room provides visitors with a 3D selfie background that’s sure to get them the perfect snap for Instagram. It comes with a rainbow tunnel, unicorn statues, and a swimming pool filled with about 100 million plastic sprinkle-like ball pits. Some activities and areas have of course been closed due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

While the museum itself has remained open in a limited capacity to go in accordance with CDC regulations, they do offer group ice cream making and mixology ice cream classes online. These museum virtual sessions offer friends and family the opportunity to learn more about the history of ice cream, what the dessert industry is like and how to make their own flavors from scratch!

10. Miami

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

To finish up this interesting list of interesting museum suggestions is the Burger Museum by ‘Burger Beast’ that’s based in Miami, FL. Featuring well over 3,000 historical artifacts and collectibles from burger and comfort food restaurants from all over the country. It opened in December 2016 and includes items dating back to the 50s and 60s, such as a Krystal Waitress Uniform and a Burger King Menu Board from those eras.

While the museum physically closed all the way back in 2019, the organization remains active both online and in person. Events like the #CroquetaPalooza were held as drive throughs to keep the virus from spreading any further. Their personally-created sauces are sold and burger recipes are shared on their website as well.

Luckily, this does not end here!

The masterminds behind the ‘Burger Beast’ empire shared publicly a museum virtual walkthrough of their installations and regularly posts about their other businesses via their official website and social media accounts.


Even a year into the pandemic, everybody is still adjusting to the changes it brought to our lives. Restaurants are closed, concerts are cancelled, and couples are separating. Still, technology has helped us connect with others on the same boat and even inspired some to think outside the box to expand the list of things we can do, even virtually. Museums, for example, are not only offering virtual tours for free (or the majority of them), but include additional features like live info sessions and interactive educational games to keep children and parents entertained.

Here at Momentum 360 we want to push the envelope further and make this quarantine experience a little less painful for those at home. Investing on a virtual tour gives businesses the opportunity to hit the ground running and dominate the tech world. Prioritizing digital content now more than ever is key for businesses to succeed. Having a youtube channel is not enough. Posting videos showing off the museum’s newest addition isn’t either. The best ones will invest in themselves to offer something their competitors don’t and make clients want to pay for these museum virtual tours (for those that offer one for a fee) and visit one day when things get better.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or would like to set something up for your business, feel free to schedule an appointment with us!