Advantages of Virtual Staging

Trying to sell a property that people still live in can be tough. It makes it harder for prospective buyers to envision the place as their own. The same goes for empty homes on the market, people like to see substance in order to imagine themselves living in a home. Now, how can we make prospective buyers see a potential home as their own without it being filled with the previous owners belongings or without it being empty? We have an answer for you and it is called Virtual Staging.


What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is the process of staging a home virtually, pretty self explanatory! It is a cost effective alternative to traditional staging. Traditional staging is labor-intensive, time consuming, and typically very expensive. Virtual staging offers the same benefits for a fraction of the cost. Virtual staging allows graphic designers to use current furnishings and decor to create virtually staged photos of vacant homes, producing very realistic staged photos for prospective buyers.


What are the benefits of Virtual Staging?

#1 Increased home sales

Selling a home is time consuming and stressful, especially with how competitive the market is. Also, keep in mind that the longer a home is on the market, the more likely the selling price is to drop. “On average, a staged home sells 88% faster (and for 20% more) than a non-staged one,” When you look at those percentages, also keep in mind that 90% of buyers start their search online. Virtual staging ensures that your home is presented in the best way possible, making it sell faster.

#2 A preview of their potential home

Virtual Staging

It’s difficult to convince a buyer to purchase a home if they can’t envision themselves living in the space. As mentioned above, 90% of buyers start their search online, and with that being the case, as a photographer/realtor, you must do anything possible to get people excited about the home. The perfect way to do that is by virtually staging a home with the latest trends in home decor. This will help prospective buyers envision themselves and what their life could look like in that home.

#3 Saves you money

Traditional home staging can cost big bucks and is time consuming and if the house isn’t sold quickly, you could be looking at a hefty staging bill. With virtual staging all you need is an empty room. It is a one time cost per room/image. According to Hasten CEO Aleksandr Lanin, virtual staging is up to 90% cheaper than actual staging. Here at Momentum 360, we start at $25 per picture… yup it’s that cheap!

#4 Saves time and effort

Hiring a staging company takes up so much extra time, followed by the time it takes for the furniture to arrive and to be set up and photographed. At the same time if you choose the virtual staging route, you can have your whole home staged and photos delivered within 24-48 hours. Seems like a no brainer, am I right?

Virtual Staging

#5 Target specific markets Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

This technology provides a unique opportunity to reach various audiences. You can customize the space according to the style of your specific target audience. Are you working with wealthy individuals that are looking for a modern look? Or are you working with individuals who like a cozy rustic feel? Or maybe somewhere in between? The options are endless! By directly targeting the needs and wants of your market, it makes listings more appealing.

To conclude, we hope you enjoyed reading about Virtual staging and we hope you highly consider it! And when you do, we’re here! Schedule a demo call to get started and contact us if you have any questions!