Virtual Tour of Miami

Hi everyone! It is a new week, which means a new blog of a NEW virtual tour. As always, we post weekly virtual tour content for small businesses.

It is officially summertime, which means… time to start planning your next vacation! With businesses finally opening back up normally again, this is your time to travel! For my next adventure, I would like to travel somewhere that has two of my favorite places within miles from each other– a city and a beach. I automatically thought of Miami, Florida. In that case, virtual tour, anyone?

Miami is definitely the place to be. With a population of over 6.1 million proves it otherwise. We are going to visit some amazing hotspots in the 305. So let’s see what the hype is about and get started on our Virtual Tour of Miami!


Design District

If you are in love with the finer things like I am, then you would enjoy a visit to the Design District in Miami. The Design District is located in Miami where you can find art, restaurants and luxury fashion. You will notice in some spots how bright and vibrant the colors are. This is also a great place to take some amazing pictures for your Instagram! You have the tall palms trees in the background and the nice architecture businesses and more than 30 works of art.

Virtual Tour of Miami

The first thing we should check out here is the Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome. Whenever you see it, this is how you know you are in the Design District. It is a huge circular shape that to me looks like a pet’s chew toy! The Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome has a white color to it and transparent circular windows that have a 3D effect to it. This beautiful art piece sits in a pool of water that sits right in the middle. Did you know you could go inside the Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome? When walking in the dome, you have to go down a swirl set of stairs that leads you to the ground level.

There are so many chairs and tables where you are able to relax and enjoy the scenery. Also, If you would like to see a gorgeous view, across from the Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome is an escalator; if you take it up, then you can see a nice view of the whole city of Miami. There is another cool art piece that is up on this level in a corner called the Le Corbusier. It is a big light blue statue of a man from the hip up, holding a pencil that looks like he is writing on the ground.

You can find so many bars and boutiques here. You can even find bars IN boutiques!

Why bother visiting the Design District, if you are not buying the design? Just kidding, I am a window shopper myself. There are a variety of stores to check out here in the Design District like Celline, Fendi, Dior, Givenchy and so much more. My favorite one has to be the Dior store; inside, there is a cafe called the Dior cafe. Lots of people come here for the aesthetic and the famous Dior espresso! The cafe is beautiful. It has some greenery and the word “DIOR” written in big gold letters on the wall.

Last thing to check out is this amazing art piece of a huge crushed up red solo cup. This is called the Jokester 2. This is a symbol and to remind people to recycle and not to litter. It is pretty amazing if you ask me!

It is alway a vibe when it comes to the Design District in Miami! We have tons more to see, follow me to our new stop in this Virtual Tour of Miami.


The Villa Casa Casuarina (The Former Versace Mansion)

Alright, here we are at the Villa Casa Casuarina; also known as the Versace mansion. This is now a hotel that used to be an estate previously owned by Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. If you are wondering why Gianni Versace does not live there any more, then maybe you should Google it.

In the Villa Casa Casuarina there are:

  • Eight bedrooms
  • Ten bathrooms
  • Two kitchens
  • Three sitting rooms
  • Four living rooms
  • A bar
  • A library

In the lounge area, there is a beautiful fountain that sits in the middle, balconies above to look over the lounge area, black chairs, and a pattern tile flooring. It is outside since there is no roof. There are so many ancient artifacts from Italy that are placed here also.

Walking through this narrow hall, we head to the pool area. This is probably the most beautiful part of the whole place. It gives you that Italian vibe with the patterns in the walls, the shady green trees, and the bright blue pool water. The designs under the pool make it look ten times better! If you ever need a break from the pool, you are able to chill up on the patio and get a very nice view.

Virtual Tour of Miami


Last but not least, there is a restaurant also in the Villa Casa Casuarina! It is called Gianni’s and they serve Italian and Mediterranean food which is more fine dining. Inside the restaurant, the lights are dim and also has a black and gold aesthetic to it.

Overall, the Villa Casa Casuarina is so beautiful! It is very vintage and one-a-kind. The Italian aesthetic was gorgeous and it really hit home for me since I do have Italian roots. If you plan on staying here, then not only do you have good taste but also a lot of money too– because just for one night at the Villa Casa Casuarina, it ranges from $750-$850 a night. So yeah, you can catch me at the nearest Marriott. Actually, how about you catch me at our next stop on our Virtual Tour of Miami!


Wynwood Walls

Great! Everyone is still here. Welcome to Wynwood Walls! Yikes, try saying that tongue twister ten times. If you thought some of the art in the Design District was cool, wait till you get a look at all of this here. Wynwood Walls has art mainly everywhere. There are giant canvases on the walls created by street and graffiti artists that are so cool to look at. Also, there are over 70 galleries and museums.

I wish I could describe to you in detail what Wynwood Walls actually looks like; but it is one of those things where you have to see it to experience it.

So here you go:

Virtual Tour of Miami

Virtual Tour of Miami

Virtual Tour of Miami

Virtual Tour of Miami

Beautiful, right? Told you! The one interesting fact about Wynwood Walls is the wall murals are updated all the time by street and graffiti artists. So maybe when you come back, it will be new kinds of art! It is sad we have to go, but we have one last stop… or should I say two?


Miami Beach and South Beach

What is a Virtual Tour of Miami with going to the beach? Miami Beach and South Beach are the two most popular beaches in the area. Whether you prefer one over the other, either way, both beaches are most likely always going to be crowded. I will say though, they both have their own kind of vibe.

Virtual Tour of Miami

South Beach is a huge hot spot for tourists to attend. It has great scenery and amazing architecture. The iconic Ocean Drive is also located here in South Beach. Here you are able to admire the vibrant colors and the dozens of hotels. There is also a pathway and an exercise section where people enjoy working out! It gives you a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean while doing it. If you want more of a relaxing kind of vibe and somewhere that is more spacious, then you could. One more iconic thing about South Beach are the colorful lifeguard chairs; it is definitely Instagram worthy!

Miami Beach, well, it is not the actual beach. It is a part of South Beach. If that makes sense. You are able to find mainly everything here from food to fun. If you are a part of the younger crowd, then you would enjoy the nightclub scene here. High profiled celebrities often attend these iconic night clubs: LIV Miami, E11EVEN Miami, Club Space, STORY Nightclub, and many more.


Final Words

Another successful Virtual Tour down in the books! This Virtual Tour of Miami was a great one. I will say, Miami has some amazing art and vibrant colors all around, but not many buildings. Everything is pretty much open space and outdoors, nothing wrong with that though! I would love to take advantage of the fresh Miami air. I hope you enjoyed this week’s virtual tour as much as I did!

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