Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

Have you ever wanted to pay a visit somewhere, but couldn’t? There are so many places I would love to travel to right now, but unfortunately I cannot. It is either too expensive, too far, or closed due to the pandemic. It sucks, right? What if I told you I had a solution to that? Well, have no fear, Virtual Tours are always here! Virtual Tours is an easy and accessible way to go anywhere in the world, like literally, anywhere. Whether you would want to pay a visit to the San Diego Zoo or the Sistine Chapel, a Virtual Tour is always here for you. So where would you like to go today? I am thinking of a Virtual Tour of the Van Gogh Museum, a super iconic spot!

The Van Gogh Museum is located in the beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands. This museum is filled with all of the dedicated work of the famous painter himself, Vincent Van Gogh. Before head on in and start this Virtual Tour, I want you to take a good look at the front of the museum. The aesthetic and architecture of the Van Gogh museum is amazing. The interesting circular shape of the building being half glass and half cement makes it pop out tremendously. Although the museum is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, I am giving you all access to this iconic museum. A regular walkthrough tour is about an hour and a half long, but I am going to give you a Virtual Tour within minutes. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start this Virtual Tour and head on inside!

Face to Face with Van Gogh

Welcome to our first exhibit spot; Face to Face with Van Gogh. When entering, you would notice on the narrow wall in front of you of Vincent Van Gogh’s portrait eyes that go along the wall. It is filled with nothing but portraits and self-portraits. If you notice Back then, Vincent Van Gogh could not really afford models to paint. So what was his resolution? He painted himself!

Another thing to notice in the room, the self-portrait start with a dark palette to a light modern day palette.

At the times when these paintings were created, Vincent Van Gogh was influenced by a romantic form of art; which is why the textures and the colors are more vibrant. In the Self-Portrait with Pipe and Straw Hat picture, it is a self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh with his red moustache and bright green eyes. It was created in 1887; so it was one of his earlier pieces.

Up next we had a similar looking self-portrait called Self-Portrait with Straw Hat. This was also made in 1887. He has the same bright green eyes, but this time, Vincent Van Gogh used a different technique in the background of this portrait by using half swirls of blue. You would notice that the colors are not as vibrant.

This next on is also called Self-Portrait with Straw Hat;but it looks totally different. In this self-portrait there’s a lot of texture, especially in the background. I know, his face kind of looks unbalanced so you say? The forehead on his face jumps out compared to the background, and that is what it makes it unique!

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

The last self-portrait we are going to take a look at is simply called Self-Portrait. For this portrait Vincent Van Gogh is trying to stress and emphasize the background. His skin looks very smooth along with wearing a nice blue jacket.

In the middle of the room are the painting tubes and painting palette that Vincent Van Gogh has used. They are in a glass so no one can actually touch them. What makes this interesting is this is what Vincent Van Gogh used to paint with when painting outdoors of rivers, mountains, trees, etc. for his nature pieces.

Painter of Peasant Life

We go up to the next floor of the Van Gogh Museum. This exhibit is called Painter of Peasant Life. If you are not aware, Vincent Van Gogh was a self-taught painter, but he did go to school to pursue his career in art. So let’s check out what he has here!

At a point in time, Vincent Van Gogh went back to his parent area in the south of the Netherlands called Brabant. It is known to be a rural area that had a lot of peasants. Vincent Van Gogh would paint the peasants of nuna, which is the village he lived in.

This first painting in the beginning of the exhibit is called Women on the Peat Moor. In the painting, the models look like they could be farmers. The background of the setting seems like it was taken early morning or late afternoon. Inches next to it is the painting called Woman Lifting Potatoes. The title of this picture explains it very well. It was painted in 1885 and Vincent Van Gogh has not met the impressionist artist.

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

It is clear that this exhibit is filled with portraits of farmers. Here we have a collectible group of portraits of farmers. Most of them are female, but each of them have diverse kinds of looks. He used different kinds of colors like green and beige when creating the portraits.

This last painting is a pretty famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. This is called The Potato Eaters. It is a picture of a family eating dinner after work. You see the father, the mother, the grandparents, and a daughter. It was made in 1885, and as you can see he used the same beige and green colors. I thought these paintings were pretty cool, but we are off to the next exhibit!

Modern Art in Paris

When walking in this next exhibit , you can see a huge difference between his artwork when he was in Brabant and when he moved to Paris, France. This next exhibit is called Modern Art in Paris. When Vincent Van Gogh had his latest artistic development, he moved to Paris, France. There are two reasons why Vincent Van Gogh moved to Paris, France. The first reason is that his brother, Theo Van Gogh, lived there at the time, then Vincent Van Gogh eventually moved in and they lived together for years. The second reason is when Vincent Van Gogh was going to art school in Belgium, he thought it was too old-fashioned; so he knew Paris had that modern day art. In the end, Vincent Van Gogh eventually got tired of Paris, France; even the wine! After that, Vincent Van Gogh’s next adventure was off to Ireland.

This was also the time he met the impressionist artist and it was greatly influenced by them. Although Vincent Van Gogh had skills in painting, he was not far off the impressionist.

When looking at the impressionist paintings on the wall, you can tell that there are one of his many pride works.

We start off by taking a look at his famous self-portraits. This is called Self-portrait with Grey Felt Hat. If you notice, comparing the other self-portraits we had looked at, in this self-portrait

Vincent Van Gogh added more texture to his face. The blue throughout the whole picture makes the whole self-portrait pop out beautifully.

Gauguin’s chair is the next picture we will take a look at. It is an arm chair by Paul Gauguin. Paul Gauguin is a famous impressionist painter of his time. Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin moved to the south of France together so they can be painters. Turns out, they both turned out successful!

Walking over to our next picture, this one is called Flower Plum Orchard (after Hirashige). It was created in 1887. It looks Japanese with the symbols going down along each side.

The last painting I want to show you in this exhibit is called View From Theo’s Apartment. This is a view from Vincent Van Gogh’s brother, Theo’s apartment. Here you see Vincent Van Gogh is painting in lines, but also in very little dots of colors. If you look close, you can definitely notice the little dots on the painted picture; but if you look from a farther distance, it looks like the little dots are blended in together. This next painting is simply called Sunflowers. It was created in 1889. This picture has more texture and was emphasized on the sunflower’s pedals. He uses a lot of yellow tones. The colors are complimentary except for the one red little flower on the left side of the picture. When Vincent Van Gogh started to paint the picture of the Sunflowers, he thought the upper side of the painting was too short. He added a little stroke of canvas to have a little more space, so the composition would be better than it was.

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

The Sunflower picture was made when Vincent Van Gogh was living in the Yellow House located in Areles (Southern France). Around this time, Vincent Van Gogh was going through his first physical breakdown. The pressure in the studio in the South was very high because him and Paul Gauguin would get to arguments. They had a disagreement about how Vincent Van Gogh wanted to paint what he saw and Paul Gauguin wanted to paint with his mind and thoughts.

They would both constantly argue all the time; and at a point, Vincent Van Gogh went through his physical breakdown and cut off his own ear. Gross, right? Vincent Van Gogh ends up giving his ear to a prostitute and Paul Gauguin realizes Vincent Van Gogh is a madman and he leaves the Yellow House immediately. After that, Theo Van Gogh enrolls Vincent Van Gogh into an asylum in Ireland so he can get treated for his mental illness. Although Vincent Van Gogh was there for a couple of months, he did not stop painting.

Painting Against All Odds

This is the last exhibit we are going to take a look at. This exhibit is called Painting Against All Odds located on the top floor of the Van Gogh Museum.

Going back to talking about Vincent Van Gogh’s timing in the Asylum, he painted a one of many beautiful pictures when in there. This painting is called Wheatfield with a Reaper. Knowing that Vincent Van Gogh enjoyed painting pictures of the outdoors, since he was in an asylum he could not go far from the premises. This was a symbolice piece, it was a symbol for death as you can see, there’s a man in a field holding a kind of weapon. It was what he was thinking about in his life at the Asylum. It also shows his own style with the brush stokes towards the bottom.

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

Virtual Tour of Van Gogh Museum

The last picture I would like to show you is right in the corner here called Undergrowth. This is another picture Vincent Van Gogh has painted in the Asylum. It is a picture of the garden of the Asylum; and undergrowth of trees. At the end of the picture, you can see the walls of the Asylum. It is like magic nature to him.

As you can see, we saw a rough point of Vincent Van Gogh’s life, but he continued to do what he does best, his art.

Closing Time

Well, we have reached the end of our virtual tour! The Van Gogh Museum is an interesting place to take a tour at because each art piece is very unique in their own way. The whole building inside is very spacious so you are able to appreciate the art. Vincent Van Gogh made sure his art pieces were creative and consistent. It shows that he was a hard-working and determined person when it comes to his passion for art. So what does that result in? A super awesome museum filled with all his artwork that is dedicated to him!

No matter where you would want to go visit in the world, it is always possible with a Virtual Tour. I’ll see you on our next Virtual Tour!