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Virtual Tour Softwares

Virtual Tours are dominating the market right now. It is a great tool for not only businesses, but also realtors. They are able to gain more clients and even bring in more traffic. You don’t believe me? Well, with Virtual Tours, they attract 55% more website traffic, 41% more reviews and 29% more customers. It is straight facts, everyone. The numbers don’t lie. I will say though; If I were a business owner or a realtor investing in a Virtual Tour, I would want to know what kinds of Virtual Tour software that is being used for the benefit of my business I am working with.

Virtual Tour softwares has had an increase in populations for the last few years. This year, it has been the most popular since everything is mainly “virtual” now. The market is currently skyrocketing with Virtual Tours, so why not educate yourself with some of the most popular Virtual Tour softwares?

Seriously, do you actually ever think of what kinds of software is used to create this form of masterpiece? The final result of a Virtual Tour is for sure worth its wild– so we should be informed on some Virtual Tour softwares. Right Now, I am going to show and explain to you the five best Virtual Tour softwares. So let’s keep you in the loop and get started!


Pano2vr is the most widely used softwares among professionals. It is one of the few Virtual Tour softwares that works with video. This software takes a bit on learning, but the end result is it is able to create a full on 360 tour experience. Once you get the idea on how Pano2vr works, then you can get stunning Virtual Tours for high end clients.

It is a great software, but when making customizations for the Virtual Tours, it is limited. There are not as many larger icons and pop-out images compared to other Virtual Tour softwares. Also, with the limited options, you are able to add tools to your Virtual Tour like an image, a video, a link, etc. The transitions are really smooth and also offers different icons for your hot spots.

virtual tour software

virtual tour software

One of the biggest advantages of Pano2vr is it is all offline. You do not have to worry about anything disappearing. All you would have to do is download it to your computer and you can start working on your Virtual Tour without any internet connection.

The last thing that makes this software amazing is it offers a lot of advanced options. For example, there is one feature called Reveal the Highlights. What it does is for your Virtual Tour, you can take the viewers on an interesting path so the person who is viewing the virtual tour does not have to click or do anything. It basically takes control and guides them where they need to go on their Virtual Tour. That sounds genius to me!

Wrapping it up with Pano2vr, the pricing for Pano2vr is very affordable. It is not a monthly subscription, you buy Pano2vr once, and you own it for your whole life time. There are different packages for this Virtual Tour software, but even the most expensive package they offer is a comfortable price.


Kuula is one of many free Virtual Tour softwares and the cheapest one, too. With the free version, you are also able to create unlimited Virtual Tours! Creating a Virtual Tour on Kuula is known to be user-friendly to do in the process. It is an online service that is fairly new to the Virtual Tour world, going four years strong. Most people prefer this software because first off, it is free; and second, Kuula offers so many options compared to other free softwares.

Now, Kuula does have a paid option, but we will focus on the free version. The only main difference between the two is that you are able to add audio with the pro version and not the free version. Everything else, Completely free!

You can honestly do so much with the free account. Kuula has an option where you can add hotspots to your Virtual Tour, and it gives you the choice of many different visual options like adding your own image to your hotspots, or using one of theirs.

Along with the hotspots, there is an option called the Lens Flare effect, and it is when the hotspots move around along with you as you observe your Virtual Tour. It makes it look very realistic. A lot of other Virtual Tour software companies offer this option, but Kuula makes it look much more unique compared to others.

virtual tour software

You can even edit the appearance of your Virtual Tour like adding a filter to it, fixing the sharpness, the brightness, etc. This is the only Virtual Tour software where you can justify the color of your Virtual Tour.

As for the transitions, the movements are slow, but in a good way. It makes the transitional process look nice, relaxed, and less intimidating. You can customize the transition type and also offer walk through mode.


Finishing up with Kuula, the most interesting feature that I find for this software is that the free version of Kuula offers level correction. This feature limits how much a person can see in the 360 Virtual Tour. Usually, that is an advanced feature offered by paid programs; so it is great that it is included for Kuula’s free version. There are so many other features that this software includes, you can definitely get a good idea of it. This is amazing Virtual Tour software, especially for beginners.


Get ready, because this Virtual Tour software has the best features of any Virtual Tour platform. Not only is 3DVista the most expensive software, but it is also the most advanced feature, too. This is for sure a Virtual Tour software that is recommended to people who want their Virtual Tour to stand out and also that would like it to be really advanced.

There are a variety of options for 3DVista, it is honestly insane. That is why it is very advanced. 3DVista does not only create Virtual Tours, the software also includes creations of Live Guided Tours, Training Tours, Animated Panorama, and so much more!

Along with a variety of options 3DVista offers, the software also included so many customizations and animated options. You can also add images, videos, and even 360 videos.

virtual tour software

If you would look at a basic virtual tour using this software, you would notice how better the quality is. Also, the transitions are smooth to each room and the icon art stands out.

Along with the Virtual Tours, 3DVista gives the option to add your 360 Virtual Tour to an E-Learning course. That is a very clever idea for 3DVista to add in their software that I do not think anyone could have thought of! You are able to have a panorama look while learning.

One last thing about 3DVista, just like Pano2vr, this is also an offline Virtual Tour software. You can store all of your Virtual Tours on your desktop worry free and stress free. It is a combination of professionalism and easy use. Yes, it is an expensive investment; but is not a monthly subscription, so once you own it, you own it forever. Also, the amount of profit you can make with 3DVista can be a good amount.


Cloudpano is a paid software that is actually fairly new to the Virtual Tour market. This software is considered one of the best up and coming softwares out there currently. It is pretty affordable and user-friendly for many people!

When using Cloudpano, you can upload and edit your Virtual Tour creation right away. It is great quality, and you are to get a clear view from the top of the ceiling and all the way down to the floor.

When your Virtual Tour is created through Cloudpano, you would notice how smooth and quickly the transitions are. It is small clicks and drags when viewing the 360 Virtual Tour.

As you are editing your Virtual Tour, Cloudpano makes it less difficult to edit and customize compared to other Virtual Tour softwares. When customizing the hotspot icons, they offer a basic level of customization.

virtual tour software

More customizations options that Cloudpano offers are shrinking and adding sounds when clicking on specific places on the Virtual Tour. With this Virtual Tour software, you are able to add a floor plan, a lead capture form (to collect people’s email addresses).

Although as said before that Cloudpano is fairly new, I have confidence that its software is going to evolve rapidly in the Virtual Tour industry. It is clear that cloudpano is still building their brand and more customization options is yet to come.


Oh yes, the crown jewel of Virtual Tour softwares. If you are very familiar with Virtual Tours, then you most likely came across Matterport. Matterport is one of the most popular Virtual Tour software out there. It is a really established paid software company; so they are not going anywhere any time soon.

How this Virtual Tour software works is it scans the room that you are in and creates a dollhouse effect. It definitely is a unique way of creating and editing a Virtual Tour. Other Virtual Tour software companies have picked up on this technique, which makes it not as special for Matterport anymore.

virtual tour software

Before, Matterport used to require a special camera called the Pro2 3D Camera. What it does is it can give you that 3D scanning throughout the whole room. These special cameras usually range about $2000. You can now use your iPhone or iPad to activate Matterport, but If you want the best quality for your Virtual Tour, it is highly recommended to use the Pro2 3D Camera.

The transitions from room to room while using Matterport is phenomenal. They are so smooth and natural, it feels like you are actually doing a real-life walk through. One of the main goals for a Virtual Tour is to make it look and feel authentic as they can, and Matterport hit that spot for viewers.

It is usually common in Virtual Tour softwares to have a variety of options when customizing your Virtual Tour. Those tools usually come with adding images, videos, and links. With Matterport, the customization tools are limited. You cannot add images and videos– on links.

Overall, it comes as a shock to most people that Matterport does not offer more customization options since it is a well-known Virtual Tour software company; but the results of the high-end quality and smooth transitions make up for it all.

Final Words

Congratulations, you have a good amount of knowledge about some Virtual Tour softwares! All five of those Virtual Tour softwares are the most popular as of now.I get it that your overall goal with a Virtual Tour is to build clientele and gain more traffic, but it does not hurt to know about some of the Virtual Tour Software. Now look at you, you are almost a natural.

There is so much to learn about not only the softwares but Virtual Tours as a whole! Learning about the differences between some of the Virtual Tour software is a great start. Some people think there is only one, but in reality, there are tons!

Now I know what you are probably thinking; They are all amazing Virtual Tour softwares and you cannot decide. We are here to help, that is our job! It is no secret that Matterport and Cloudpano are dominating the market right now. Momentum 360 luckily has a video that lists and explains the differences between the two.

At Momentum 360, the Virtual Tour software that is offered here are 3DVista, Cloudpano and Matterport. We are always here to help, but next time when you book your next demo, you are going to be a pro when deciding which Virtual Tour software best fits your interest for you and your business!