virtual tours around the world

virtual tours around the world

There is nothing more beautiful than our precious Earth. Aside from the natural disasters, pollution, and climate change– the world is a beautiful place. What makes it even better is that there are different places to travel around the world. There are seven continents, 195 countries, and a variety of cultures to choose from. Being able to travel the world is always a great opportunity; so why not take that opportunity and run with it by maybe doing virtual tours around the world?

Unfortunately, most countries around the world are not allowing access for non-citizens due to the pandemic. I know, it is such an unfortunate situation. Trust me, I would love to be living my best life right now in Rome, Italy taking some amazing pictures in front of the Trevi Fountain; but when things cannot go your way sometimes we need to think of a plan b. Oh wait… I have one!

How about a simple, nice and relaxing virtual tour around the world? There is no way you can turn that down! Going on a virtual tour around the world is cost-effective; which means no purchasing any flights, not being able to drop money on hotels, and you do not even have to pay for a tour guide (you’re welcome by the way). Those are the perks and benefits about virtual tours, you can go anywhere! Whether you decide to visit the zoo, a museum, or even the White House if we want to get specific, virtual tours will be there for you all day and every day.

This is going to be a great virtual tour around the world. We are going to go to three different locations. Each location will be different. Diversity has always been a big part of my life, so I am very excited to take you on this journey of a virtual tour around the world. So get you passports out, we are off to our first stop!

Paris, France

Bonjour! Welcome to the City of Love; Also known as Paris, France. It is located in Europe. Paris, France is a beautiful and vibrant location. Paris is the capital of France and has a population of 2.2 million people. That is not a lot at all; especially compared to other locations around the world.

You know when you watch those kinds of movies where the setting was in Paris, France– the man and a woman are on a long narrow boat along with a man in a red and white striped shirt paddling the boat? Well, There is a massive river they are in called The Seine.

It runs through the city which is used to transport goods and people. It separates Paris into two parts; the left bank and the right bank. Each side of the river is different. The right bank is associated with stuff such as business, fashion, and entertainment. The left side artist, inlectuals, and students.

This is personally one of my favorite spots in Paris. Located above the Seine, is a bridge called the Love Lock Bridge. It is more of a tradition in Paris where you and your loved one write each other’s name on a lock, attach and lock it on the bridge, then throw the key over the river. The view is amazing, with tons of locks hanging on the bridge that makes it look very romantic. No wonder why it is called the City of Love.

virtual tours around the world

virtual tours around the world

Now, let’s head to one of the most popular and recognizable landmarks in the world; The Eiffel Tower. If you have never seen what the Eiffel Tower looks like, then you have probably been living under a rock your whole life. Come take a look at it, It is huge! When I say huge, I am talking a good 984 feet. The Eiffel Tower has 2,500,000 rivets and is painted with 40 tons of paint. That is a dedication for The Eiffel Tower; no wonder why it is so pretty and an iconic symbol for Paris. I get it, I can look at it all day; but we have other places around the world to look at! So let’s move on.

We do not have to go far, it is on one side of The Eiffel Tower. Here we have the Place du Trocadero. It has several museums there like the National Naval Museum and The French Monuments Museum. One the other side of the Eiffel Tower is this huge rectangular green space called the Champ de Mars. It is used for a gathering place for outdoor activities. Add in some nice whether with that and it could be a solid day here. In front of the Champ de Mars is a big and long building that is a military school called the Ecole Militaire. Here is a Fun fact for you; Napoleon attended here as a cadet!

Near the river, there is the National Assembly– a giant building with many pillars in front of it. The National Assembly is one of the buildings where the government meets.

Our last stop in Paris, France is the most popular garden in Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens. This is also another family-friendly place to enjoy outdoor activities. In the gardens include the Luxembourg Palace, another government building. In the middle of the garden there’s a statue, and you will notice how familiar it looks. It is a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Surrounding it are a bunch of beautiful and colorful flowers. Paris was good to us, but it is time for next stop. Off we go!

Seoul, South Korea

Welcome to the capital of South Korea; Seoul! Seoul, North Korea is located on the Asia continent. Not only I absolutely love the culture but also how Seoul has flashy and bright colors all around. Seoul, North Korea has come a long way since the Korean War. Today, they are now an economic powerhouse. The city now has that 21st century look as their tall buildings are made from glass and steel. There is so much public art, it is like the art is telling a story. It is honestly breathtaking.

Our first stop is at Gwanghwamun Square. Here, sits the statue of Sejong the Great. He was a king in the 15th century that oversaw literature, science and technology. The golden color statue sits high and mighty along with a nice view of Gwanghwamun Square.

Up next, we head over to Namsangol Hanok Village entering towards the biggest marketplace in South Korea–the Namdaemun Market. Locals have been bargaining here for over 600 years. There are a variety of options here to choose from. Close by there is Myeong-dong, A shopping area where they sell a variety of fashion and luxury brands along with some good eats. I would compare it to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. There are so many stores and restaurants here, the options here are limitless!

All right, enough shopping for us. Let’s head over Bongeunsa Buddest Temple. It is a beautiful temple surrounded by bright green leaves and different color flowers. This is a great place to get away and just relax. Maybe do some meditation while there? If you look up when walking, there is a beautiful rainbow ceiling going in waves. Although the soul has many quiet spaces, there’s also some historical landmarks. There is also the The stadium and museums for the Olympics.

virtual tours around the world

virtual tours around the world

Our last stop in Seoul, South Korea will be going across the river to visit the Korean Forrest. With the high trees and leafy glades makes it look amazing. More down the river is Yongsan Park. At this park you can enjoy the interesting kid friendly sculptures. It has a river benches and wide pathway with tall trees on each side. Seoul, you have been good to us, but now it is time to go to our next destination on our virtual tour around the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We now arrive at South America’s most famous hubs of energy and excitement; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the home to 16 million people. The best look at Rio de Janeiro is when golden hour hits at the beaches. You get a beautiful view of the golder shores and across the beach you can see several mountain peaks. During the day, the beach can get extremely crowded.

Our first stop in Rio de Janeiro we are at the Corcovado Mountain. As you can see, we are at another world famous landmark; the tall statue of Jesus Christ. The statue of Jesus Christ is holding his arms out and is gazing down at all of Rio de Janeiro. Up at the Corcovado Mountains, you can get a good view of the waterfront and the favelas clinging to the mountaintop slopes.

virtual tours around the world

virtual tours around the world

Just across the river is Sugarloaf Mountain. It is Rio de Janeiro’s most iconic peak. If you would like to get a clear and better view, then it is highly recommended that you use the cable car carriers that the city provides. You are also able to see more parts of the city, bays and beaches.

The most visited beach in Rio de Janeiro is Copacabana. This beach tends to get super crowded, but there is so much you can do there. You can surf, sunbathe, go kayaking, and so much more.

We now hear to the heart of the city, Cinelandia. This part includes their musical theater and national museum of fine arts. These are both great spots to be more informed about the history of Rio de Janeiro and their beautiful culture.

The public parks in Rio de Janeiro are astronomical and elegant. One public park for example is Parque Henrique Lage. There is a big, beautiful pool right in the middle. One the sides are massive white pillars. Also theirs are art pieces along the walls. Chairs and shade umbrellas surround the pool.

Rio de Janeiro is known for their passion for football (soccer). The Maracana Football Stadium can definitely give you a taste of this national obsession. It is a huge circular stadium, and the seats are the color of light blue and yellow.

Lastly, we head to these famous stairs– we are not leaving just yet! We are now at the Selaron Steps. The tiles of the steps were donated all around the world. The amazing colors of dark blue, yellow and green on the steps makes it pop out. The Selaron Steps are a passage from the Bohemian Santa Teresa Area to the nightlife district of Lapa. There is so much love and culture to Rio de Janeiro, that is what makes it beautiful.

New York City, New York, United States of America

Well, we may have come back to our stomping grounds, but we are not finished yet! Just remember, America has culture, too. In my opinion, I think New York City definitely is a top location that represents the U.S.A. So, welcome to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of– New York City, New York!

New York City, New York is located in the north east region of America. Over eight million people live in this city and get about 50 million visitors a year. The good thing about New York City is that everything is so close– so it is easy to travel on foot or take the subway. So try not to bump into anyone, off to our first stop!

We are now standing in front of the Empire State Building, the tallest skyscraper in the Big Apple. It is the most impressive skyscraper ever created. The view from the 102nd floor is breathtaking, you can see a 360 view of all Manhattan.

Taxi! Please take us to Broadway and 7th Avenue. Here we are, Times Square. As we stand here, you are probably taking in how beautiful this location is by looking at the billboards and the bright lights; but I am thinking about how high their electric bill is. These lights never go off, I mean, it is the city that never sleeps.

Times Square was something, but let me show you another place. Here we are, at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. If you look around, there are people bowing their heads to honor the lives that were lost on September 11, 2001. It is a square shaped fountain and the names of the victims who lost their lives names are written on the sides,

virtual tours around the world

virtual tours around the world

Last stop, the Statue of Liberty! We would need to get on a ferry to see it. Look, there she is! Standing tall and mighty, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom all across the U.S.A.. it is a great visual for welcoming others to America. Did you know the Statue of Liberty was never alway that green color? It used to be copper, but then oxidized over time– just like how a penny does.

That is a wrap for New York! Maybe I will go catch a Broadway show while I am here.

Closing Time

If I could show all of the parts in the world, I would, but unfortunately, this virtual tour has come to an end. Whether you are in Paris, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, or even New York City, just know it is never impossible to travel around the world with a virtual tour! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, see you next time.