10 Best Virtual Tours For Students in 2020

While the world is standing still and restless, students at home think about the days when field trips were frequent.Many safety measures have been implemented for crowd limits; visiting museums, parks, aquariums, and our other favorite places is impossible until the Pandemic (COVID-19) becomes under control.

Beneficially, many of these incredible places offer virtual tours!

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of everything from theme parks to zoos so that kids and students can enjoy them from the ease and protection of your home.

We have the top 10 best places for virtual tours for kids and students.

Theme Parks that have Virtual Tours

Universal Orlando Resort (Located in the Orlando, Florida)

This Amazing amusement park is the best virtual tour for kids and students because Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure located in Orlando, Florida, are famous for its outstanding and breathtaking rides. With almost constant updates and new embellishments, thrill-seekers feel confident forever.

While many people are still waiting for the next trip, virtual tours will fill the void.

Don’t forget to watch those great racing movies like Hollywood Rip Ride Rock and Hatred’s Magical Creatures Motorcycle Adventure in the Wearing World of Harry Potter.

Universal Studio: Island of fun and adventure also has some great videos on its YouTube channel with different desirability. Therefore the exciting thing is “Science of Universal Resort Orlando.”

Virtual Tours of aquariums

Georgia Aquarium (Located in Atlanta, Georgia)

 With more than 10 million gallons of fresh and saltwater tanks, the Georgia Aquarium present, or located in Atlanta, is one of the best virtual tours for kids and students.

It is currently the third-largest aquarium in the world (previously the largest in 2005-2012).

Every sea animal or sea thing is available, ranging from whale sharks to lizards and seahorses.

Your kids or students can also monitor their favorite sea animals from home with these beautiful live webcams. The Home Schooling page gives you an offer of session plans and resources, weekly #Fieldtrip Friday movies, and provides you the latest update and information on the animal’s skills.

Amazon Rainforest (Located in Brazil)

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most valuable resources on Earth. It alone accounts for more than half of the world’s rainforest. It also covers the land of 2,700,000 square miles. So, with the virtual tour of this fantastic forest, kids and students will able to learn about nature, and also they will enjoy this session.

From residence to some 390 billion trees and millions of unique and precious species, ranging from insects to dolphins, are inhabited in the Amazon rain forest.

Luckily, there is an in-depth virtual reality learning experience is available with Conservation International.

Forbidden City (Located in Beijing, China)

China’s excellent conserved majestic fortress, the Forbidden City, is intricate located in central Beijing.

Assembled in the Ming reign, this remarkable palace complex was a residence of the former Chinese Imperial Palace and the Chinese Emperor’s state residence until 1924.

We have found a fantastic virtual tour for kids and students that allow them to explore the main areas of this palace, including:

1. The room of upper harmony

2. Imperial gardens

3. Meridian Gateway

4. “Ten Thousand Springs” Pavilion

Mars (Fourth Planet in our Solar System)

Mars is also called the “red planet” of our solar system. Because of its exterior, it is called the red planet. This planet is the second smallest in our solar system. Its virtual tour is best for kids and students who have an interest in astronomy.

Every day, scientists have always wanted to learn more about potential life on Mars.

Mars is currently studying through NASA’s Curiosity rover. The car’s size is an interest, and it has been on the Red Planet since 2012.

Mount Everest (Located between Nepal and China)

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain and one of the most dangerous globally, with a height of 29,029 feet. This huge climbing target is situated on the border of Nepal and China despite risks. It attracts explorers.

Until last year, more than 300 climbers died trying to arrive at the top due to altitude sickness, weather, and avalanches.

Thanks to the virtual tour that kids and students can experience it safely.

Museums with Virtual Tours

Museum of Science (Situated at Boston, Massachusetts)

In 1830 Boston Science Museum was recognized. This museum is one of the region’s most popular places for students.

Visitors want to see more, with over 700 interactive exhibits and over 100 rescued and rehabilitated animals on display.

Ideally, the museum offers a fantastic virtual tour for kids and students filled with digital exhibits, films, and audio presentations.

National Museum of Natural History (Situated in Washington, D.C.)

 It has the broadest natural history collection in the world. With more than 145 million samples of plants, animals, meteorites, human remains, fossils, minerals, rocks, and cultural artifacts, visitors come from the world to explore this collection.

To avoid the rush, you can enjoy virtual tours.

Virtual Tours of U.S. Parks

Death Valley Park (Located in California, Nevada)

 This Valley may have one of the most recognizable names of all national parks. Its name is fitting because of its hotness, dryness, and lowest national park in the United States.

Even though it’s dark name, this park offers diversity in life, especially when storms bring vast fields of wildflowers and minerals for small fish and other wildlife.

It is expanded in an area of ​​3.4 million acres and stretches along the California-Nevada border. Outside of Alaska, it is the largest national park in the United States.

You can discover this vast park on a virtual tour. Some of the appeals include a Devil Golf Course, a Hyalite ghost town, and some fantastic dunes.

It has worth including it in the list of virtual tours for kids and students regarding this place’s importance.

Virgin Islands Park (Located in U.S. Virgin Islands)

Known for its beaches of white sand and exceptional snorkeling, this park covers approximately 60% of the land in St. John’s and nearly 5,000 acres of ocean, and roughly all of Hassel Island.

The American paradise also draws tourists with its history of sugar cane plantations and early petro glyphs carved by the Taine Indians.

This place also deserves to be in the top 10 best places for virtual tours for kids and students.