Welcome back to another Momentum Monday! We hope you’re all staying inside, staying safe, and staying healthy. We know it’s difficult to keep from going stir-crazy inside, especially with the weather getting warmer and the summer months beckoning, but it’ll keep everyone safe and help ease the burden on the healthcare professionals who are working so hard in this difficult time.

This week, we were reminiscing on the days before this pandemic and some of the experiences we had out in the world. Specifically, we were thinking about New York City. New York has been hit the hardest in this pandemic, so we wanted to share some love for the Big Apple, even though Philadelphia is our home.

We asked some of our interns to share some thoughts about their favorite New York City spots!

Allison says:

New York City has always been one of my favorite cities to travel to and I love that it is only a car or train ride away from Philly. One of my cousins moved to New York City about nine years ago, so I try to go up and visit her as often as I can. Because she lives there, she knows about several really cool places to visit that don’t draw many tourists.

Obviously it’s fun to see the major tourist attractions that the Big Apple has to offer such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and so forth, I enjoy visiting restaurants and dive bars that only the locals really know about. The last time I visited New York City, I went to a restaurant called Aunt Jake’s. Aunt Jake’s is known for their handmade pasta of all sorts and they even serve brunch and specialty cocktails. You can check out their extensive menu here! This has become a staple restaurant to visit whenever I find myself in the city that never sleeps next!

Aunt Jake’s Handmade Pasta has two locations. One at 133 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013 and the other at 47 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011. I think if this Little Italy restaurant had a virtual tour, the restaurant would skyrocket even more than it already has. There are so many Italian restaurants all over the NYC area, but I think everyone should know about this wonderful find. To find out more about my favorite restaurant in New York, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages!

Amy says:

I grew up in New Jersey, just a little over an hour away from New York City. Although I’m a Jersey girl through and through (and will argue with anyone that our pizza and bagels are superior), living so close to the city means it has a very special place in my heart. The most incredible thing about New York is that you can visit a million times and always find something new and exciting that you had never seen before. I’ve had countless memorable trips into the city, but the one I will remember for the rest of my life was going to see Hamilton on Broadway at the famed Richard Rogers Theatre.

I had been a fan of the show since one of my high school friends first made me listen to the soundtrack, so going to see it live was a dream come true. It was the first and only Broadway show I’ve ever seen and it was a magical experience. I knew I would love the show itself, but what I didn’t expect was how beautiful and culturally rich the building itself was.

The Richard Rogers Theatre was built in 1925 and has since housed 38 productions (including 11 Tony-award winners), and though it has been updated a little since then, the original architecture is as breathtaking today as it was back then. With ceilings so high you need to crane your neck to witness it all, beautiful chandeliers, ornate balconies, and breathtaking sets designed perfectly for each show, everyone who passes through the building feels a sense of wealth and importance just by being inside.

I am so lucky to live so close to New York City and to have been able to witness the magic of Broadway firsthand. There is something so special about Broadway that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Most people will go their entire lives without stepping foot into a Broadway theater which is a real tragedy. The biggest shame is that most Broadway theaters don’t even have a virtual tour of their facilities.

Yes, there are pictures online, and no, nothing compares to actually being inside the theater to watch a performance. However, a virtual tour would allow people to see the beautiful architecture not only from the audience but from the stage. As someone who is not musically talented in any way, I will never find myself on a Broadway stage, staring out into a crowd of people, but a virtual tour would help people like me see a perspective that otherwise I would never get to experience.

If you ever have the chance to go to New York City and see a Broadway show, even if it isn’t in this particular theater, count yourself lucky. It is truly something that I will never forget.

NYC Locals, Dayna and Brian:

Even though we could talk about our love for the city for days, we wanted to bring in some New York locals to talk about their time spent living in the Big Apple.

Meet Dayna and Brian Lee, Tony Award winning Broadway producers and the husband and wife duo behind @artsandfood_nyc. On their Instagram page with over 64K followers, these two highlight their journey as avid foods, homecooks, millennial producers and cat lovers. They currently reside in Chelsea, Manhattan with their two cats, Kishka and Gravy.

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We asked our new fellow friends and foodies some questions about life in NYC and here’s how it went:

Q: What was your favorite NYC moment and where?

A: Hands down, New Years Eve 2019 in Times Square! We were invited to cover one of our clients’ New Years Eve dinners in Times Square. The entire restaurant walked to see the ball drop 20 minutes before the clock struck midnight. It was pouring rain outside and the restaurant got us all raincoats and gloves as they ushered us out to the crowd. It was the most magical and surreal experience of our entire NYC life. As the confetti fell from the sky, and “New York, New York” blasted from the speakers, it was one of those once in a lifetime New York moments that we will never forget.

Q: Tell us about a few of your favorite restaurants in the city.

A: Momoya for sushi, Schmackary’s for cookies and Empire Diner for everything else!

*Cue the food cravings*

Q: Are you familiar with virtual tours? Do you think a virtual tour would enhance the online experience of some of your favorite NYC spots?

A: We aren’t too familiar with virtual tours but we believe in innovation and finding new ways to experience the things we love.

Q: Last and most important: What is the best pizza in NYC?

A: Prince Street Pizza.

Guess we know where we’re headed after quarantine!

It’s been a pleasure connecting with and getting to know our new friends, Dayna and Brian, over in New York! Be sure to follow them on Instagram and keep track of all of their food lover endeavors!

NYC Foodie, Julianne:

We also had the opportunity to speak with Julianne, the budget-friendly individual who runs her popular Instagram account, @howtobebrokeinnewyork, she provided us with many tips and tricks to enjoying the wonderful New York City lifestyle, on a budget.

Julianne was kind enough to share what she enjoys doing in her free time and fun recommendations that we can’t wait to try out the next time we are in the city! She states,

“Here’s a picture of me with my favorite 99 cent pizza slice. Although I’m rarely in Midtown, this was taken right by The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and a bunch of other Broadway theaters, so it’s a great place to grab a slice (or two) before a show if you’re visiting.

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I started this account as my New Year’s resolution in 2018. After moving to New York after graduating with a job offer that fell through, I quickly watched all my hard-earned savings run dry as I tried my hardest to gain full-time employment. I also was miserable – I left great opportunities in Florida to be faced with constant adversity in my new home. Besides making it my mission to find a job, I also made it my mission to find happiness without funds. I researched every way to eat, work out, and have fun for free and on a budget.

When I was hired and began working towards rebuilding my savings, my lifestyle stuck with me, and my friends encouraged me to write my tips and hacks down (probably for their own good!). Thus, @howtobebrokeinnewyork was born, where I not only still share what I find, but I have created deals by partnering with my favorite local companies, offer money-saving tips, and bring on elected officials and experts to discuss current events and policies affecting affordability. I also am now a whole lot more broke since I started – as I left my job in July to pursue my J.D. (law school debt is no joke!) and I am about to wrap up my first year already.

If life were back to normal, you’d find me (if not at the law school library) grabbing a drink with friends at my local haunt in East Williamsburg, duckduck bar (home of the best happy hour deals!), or hopping on a Citibike along the Hudson River Greenway (a protected bike path along the Hudson River spanning nearly the entire west side of Manhattan). This time of year is normally perfect for weekend picnics at either Prospect Park, to feel like I’ve escaped into some nature, or at Domino Park, to reconnect with the most breath-taking views of the skyline on the East River.

So there you have it! A slice, a drink, a bike route, and two parks (not Central Park) for picnicking. Sounds like a fun weekend to me!”

Thank you Julianne for sharing these tips and tricks to budget-friendly activities to try out in NYC!


New York City is one of the greatest places in the world. There is something for everyone. From different food cuisines, tourist attractions, theater, universities, bars, restaurants, and anything else you can think of, New York has it all and then some.

We send our love to The City That Never Sleeps as they make their way through this Coronavirus pandemic. New Yorkers are a resilient breed and we have no doubt the city will come through this virus stronger than ever. Until next week, stay healthy and keep washing your hands!

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