Virtual Tours of San Diego Zoo

Going virtual has become a social norm in today’s current time. It has been proven for over a year now that anyone can go almost anywhere just by sitting behind a computer screen in the comfort of their own home. We can go to school, go shopping, and even attend doctor appointments all virtually. Check out Virtual Tours of San Diego Zoo right now!

That seems great and all– but have you ever taken a virtual tour at a zoo? Now, I am not talking about your typical local zoo; I’m thinking bigger and better, like the San Diego Zoo. Virtual tours at zoos are very creative and interesting by getting that whole 360 experience just by looking on your computer screen. The San Diego Zoo does offer live cams of the animals, but who would want to stare at the same thing for a long period of time? With the virtual tour; you are able to see changes of scenery. You are also able to see the ins and outs of the entire facility along with how detailed it is. It is pretty much coming to life right in front of your eyes.

virtual tours san diego zoo

virtual tours san diego zoo

Who would not want to pay a visit to the San Diego Zoo? I mean, when you are known to be the most-visited zoo in the United States, it is hard to say. It is known to be an extreme tourist hot-spot in California. Ever since the facility had opened in 1916, many people would travel from all around the world to attend this 100 acre zoo. With its high volume of attendees per day, a San Diego Zoo virtual tour could be golden for many people who are unable to pay a visit.

As a child, going to the zoo was my ultimate flex. I would walk up in the Philadelphia Zoo, get my mother to pay to get a tiger painted on my face, look at some cool animals, and mind my business. So with that, let’s do it again. Since I live on the east coast, I never had the chance to go to the San Diego Zoo; so let’s go! The only things that will not be included during this virtual tour are the sounds of crying children, the smell of animal feces, and the feeling of others bumping into you while walking. Virtual Tours of San Diego Zoo are a sight to see!

Children’s Zoo

virtual tours san diego zoo

virtual tours san diego zoo

There are a variety of animals in the Children’s Zoo. This exhibit is now called the “Denny Sanford Children’s Zoo at the San Diego Zoo”. The reason why they changed the name is because T. Denny Sanford donated $30 million for the children’s zoo to be renovated. There is so much more for the children to do at the zoo like never before. So let us get started– shall we?

We are now heading over to the mouse house. As you walk inside, there are different types of mice living lavishly in their interesting obstacle courses. Also, not to mention how colorful their houses are! I am telling you, these mice really have it good. The fact that these mice get to live RENT FREE in a house like that, makes me wish I was them. You are able to see them through the glass or right above their cages– but good luck, because the mice usually are sleeping during the day. Okay, next attraction, please!

I don’t know about you, but as a child when I would go to the zoo, the petting zoo was the best part of the whole experience. Oh yes, we are going to the good places; next stop at the Children’s Zoo is Petting Paddock. This section is known to be the home of the goats and sheep!

They also have other animals inside such as rabbits. As you are walking into Petting Paddock, it gives you more of that barn setting feel. There is hay splattered everywhere, along with goats and sheep walking around freely. When exiting Petting Paddock, there is a hand washing station with multiple sinks for the visitors after when petting the animals. Not to mention, we are in a pandemic– so do it either way, please. Don’t you love the virtual tours of San Diego Zoo!

Reptile Walk

Here we are, Reptile Walk. I would like to say, the ambiance of this exhibit feels so real. The green trees clashing with the heat of that California sun makes it feel legit. You are greeted in the front with a sign that reads “Reptile Walk” along with a picture of an Alligator under it. As you walk across the pathway, stop mid-way and look down over the bridge, you can see some amazing reptiles! They may be in the water or laying out in the hot sand. This attraction includes alligators, crocodiles, turtles, iguanas and more!

Okay, I think we spent enough time outside. Let’s go inside to the Reptile House! Walking through the doors, you can look at more reptiles through a glass. Most of them are in the snake family. You will notice that there are a bunch of sticks, rocks, and tree branches inside the glass. That is it for the whole exhibit of Reptile Walk!

Monkey Trail’s and Forrest Tails

I am very excited about this Monkey Trail’s and Forrest Tails! Walking through the exhibit, you would think we would see some monkeys first, right? Well, not in this case. Right in front of the entrance, you will see the beautiful flamingo lagoon! This is the home for many flamingos that live at the San Diego Zoo. The flamingos are surrounded by a giant body of water with pretty red flowers in the trees and bushes. It is definitely a great attraction for this exitibit, which causes people to make a flock; see what I did there?

Walking down the pathway, you will be heading to the rainforest boardwalk. It is a great scene to look at while walking. The rainforest boardwalk gives off that jungle looking vibe. You are surrounded by tall trees and forest plans on each side of the pathway giving it that shady look. There are many different types of monkeys greeted on the rainforest boardwalk. This section is so cool-looking, that there are tropical canopies, giant trees and of course, monkey bars!

In the middle of the boardwalk, there is a set of stairs that takes you down to the rest of the forest floor. It is a very shady area with the tall tree and boardwalk architecture from above blocking the sun.

As we walk back up on the boardwalk and head towards the exit, between the pathway are low fences on each side. Under, live the babirusa; which is an unusual pig.

Overall, this is an extremely big exhibit in the San Diego Zoo, especially having an upper and lower part

Africa Rocks

This is that last exhibit we will review. This exhibit is fairly new. Africa Rocks opened in 2017 at the San Diego Zoo. What makes this unique is that this space is the largest consecutive project in franchise history! This exhibit contains a variety of different animals; about 3,500 of them.

virtual tours san diego zoo

virtual tours san diego zoo

This first scenery is so perfect that it is almost hard to even put it into words; but hey, that is my job, right? This one is an all-time favorite of mine in this exhibit. As you are entering Africa Rocks, you will see a beautiful 5,000 square foot and 13 feet deep aquarium. It is giving that panoramic look.

When staring at the tank, the pretty blue color from the water is reflecting back at you. Inside the water are mostly penguins just swimming across the wall. There are also some sharks included in the tank with them. Looking at this tank can be very soothing! There are benches in front of the aquarium; so it is nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

When exiting the aquarium, it takes you right back outside. It might take some time for your eyes to adjust a little since you were in a darker room previously. Speaking of looking on the bright side, there are two more underwater viewing windows out here! Even outside, this tank still gives that panoramic stretch.

Alright, next section of African Rocks! When walking down the pathway, you will notice an astonishing waterfall. It is the way the rocks are layered, the way the water falls down so smoothly in the river, and even the attraction the trees give it by surrounding the waterfall. This waterfall was created with the intention for people at the zoo to get some great pictures; and also, more importantly, for the crocodiles since they live under that water. Another thing that is unique about this waterfall is that you are able to go up on the elevated bridge and witness an eye-opening scenery behind the waterfall! You are basically looking at the waterfall in 360 mode at this point.

Madagascar Forest and Acacia Woodland

When entering through these sections, it starts with a windy pathway. Try not to bump into anyone or anything, but as you are walking– look to your left and right, then look above! You will notice lots of mesh nets covering the parts of Madagascar Forest and Acacia Woodland. Each net is all connected and holds each other up. It expands out all the way to the end of the exhibit, crazy right?

They definitely deserve a medal for world’s hugest net. You are probably asking, “What is with the nets?”. Well, for the lemurs and especially the vervet monkeys. Let me just say, that net is doing you justice.The last piece of attraction at Acacia Woodland you will see some leopards, baboons, and so much more! When exiting this section, we cross a spacious walk-through pathway. Just stop for a minute and look around. You get a great view witnessing vervet monkeys climbing and jumping from tree to tree.

You are probably thinking, “Jeez, how big is this exhibit?”. I mean, when you put in 68 million dollars to renovate, it is going to be a big one. This is the last part of African Rocks though! Here we are, Kopje. Kopje is one of the OG sections that has always been around. It gives it that natural and old school zoo look. Looking around, there are ropes and bamboo connected making an obstacle course for the orangutans.

It actually looks so creative the way they did it! While walking along the way, you will see some eagles, mongooses, klipspringers, and many more. What is interesting about this section is that on the animals ground level are nothing but rocks; even the walls are rocks! Some of them are big and some of them are small. Some rocks even have an incline so the animals can just climb up, sit and observe what is going on around them. When heading towards the exit, lastly you will see the meerkats and giraffes.

Closing Time

The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the United States; so it is unfortunate that we could not get to visit every single exhibit. There is so much more attraction to this zoo and is definitely worth checking out. With it’s interesting pathways, beautiful plants, and great environment, it gives that one-of-a-kind look.

The zoo works hard and continues to make improvements all through the years to keep it looking nice and modern for not only the people, but for the animals, also. Not to mention, it is super clean. When a huge zoo like San Diego has thousands of people visiting per day keeping it neat, and on top of caring for the animals show they really care about their facility.

As you leave, stop at their gift shop, maybe go take a ride on the famous Skyfari to get an overlook of the whole zoo, or hey– maybe even get a cool tiger face painting! It has been a pleasure taking you on your virtual tour here at San Diego Zoo, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.