Whiskey Row: Exploring Denver’s Dynamic Restaurant Scene

Denver’s dining scene offers one of the most exceptional prospects across the country that has for long attracted investors, tourists, and food lovers. And sure enough, there is so much excitement, fun, and delicious food that will satisfy even the most peculiar tastes in the world.

Whiskey Row Denver is one of these attractive destinations that brought the city its reputation as a city of unique tastes and dishes. In this article, we will explore some of the impressive characteristics of Whiskey Row Denver and see some of the prime examples of fine dinings and bar scenes in the city. Let’s begin:

Whiskey Row Denver

Whiskey Row Denver

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Everything You Need to Know about Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row Denver is one of the most renowned bars and restaurants not only in Denver, Colorado but across the country. Whiskey Row Denver has achieved various awards, including Best Country Bar for several years, Best Country Music Bar, Best Dance Floor, Best Country and Western Nightspot (Phoenix New Times), and many others.

Whiskey Row Denver is known for its exceptional food, extensive whiskey collection, and vibrant atmosphere and has defended its name and reputation by offering world-class services and the finest dishes in the city for over a decade.

As all the awards and reviews indicate, Whiskey Row Denver enjoys a lively bar and restaurant setting with fantastic happy hours, brunch, and live music events which makes it the perfect destination for you to bring your friends, family, or colleagues and enjoy great food and drinks.

Let’s put it this way: Whiskey Row Denver is everything you would expect from a well-known restaurant in the heart of Denver, CO. With its warm and welcoming vibe and country-style decor, you can truly understand how it feels to be in a city with rich cultural and historical heritage known for its vibrant music and arts scene, and growing food and craft beer culture.

Cherry on the top, you can also access the bar’s phenomenal private party venue, delivering a memorable experience for VIP guests with a customized menu, plenty of space, and world-class service which makes it the perfect place to host a party or celebrate your next special occasion.

Best Restaurants and Bars in Denver

As you can guess, Mile High City is an ideal destination for people who want to try standout restaurants. There is a broad array of options ranging from upscale fine dining to casual comfort food that can satisfy everyone. Here are some of the best restaurants we recommend to try:

Whiskey Row Denver

Whiskey Row Denver

Photo by ABDALLA M from Unsplash

Mercantile Dining & Provision

Located in Denver’s historic Union Station, Mercantile Dining & Provision is a world-class food hall and restaurant run by the kitchen magician, Alex Seidel. The restaurant features a diverse menu of dishes inspired by the cuisine of the Mediterranean and the American West, a hallway of jarred spices, dried fruits, nuts, and legumes, and an enviable wine library.

Mercantile dining & provision offers the perfect combination of traditional farm-to-table culinary experience in a European-style mid-century setup. Overall, the environment is incredible, the staff professionalism is flawless and most importantly, you will remember the taste of the food for the rest of your life.

Root Down

Root Down is an award-winning, nationally acclaimed restaurant located in a converted gas station in the Highland neighborhood, offering a fresh-from-the-earth menu and funky and mid-century details that have brought the restaurant incredible popularity over the years.

The menu provides customers with a wide range of dishes including vegetarian and gluten-free options served with a spoonful of nostalgia. The interior design and architecture are extremely welcoming which makes it a nice spot to gather with your friends and family and enjoy a nice meal made by some of the greatest chefs in the world.

Guard and Grace

Guard and Grace is a modern steakhouse by Chef / Owner Troy Guard located at 1801 California Street in downtown Denver that offers a range of cuts of beef, as well as seafood, salads, and sides. Guard and Grace is probably the best steakhouse in Denver. So you will need to make reservations before going there.

The restaurant’s sleek, modern decor and vibrant atmosphere offer you one of the best experiences you can imagine in a restaurant. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and highly skilled and the meal will be prepared in the fastest time humanly possible. Overall, this is a great place for having your business lunches or meeting up with friends.

Hop Alley

There is no shortage of Chinese restaurants in Denver, but if you are looking for a daring, stylish restaurant in the city to give you the true taste of a take on regional Chinese cuisine, Hop Alley is your best Hope. one you enter the environment, you can easily feel the vibe of the well-designed and high-energy dining room.

If you’re new to Chinese cuisine, we recommend trying Chongqing-style fried chicken with chiles, Beijing duck roll, and bone marrow–fried rice. There are also many seasonal and daily specials that will surprise you with phenomenal taste and diversity. And don’t forget to try their masterly selected library of wines and ciders.


Inspired by the food, wine, and culture of Italy, Tavernetta offers fine dining in a modern, stylish, and friendly atmosphere, an appealing Northern European vibe, and a menu that gives you a chance to experience the exceptional taste of upscale Italian cuisine prepared by the top of the class kitchen staff.

But Tavernetta doesn’t limit its menu to popular Italian dishes. You can find a wide range of options inspired by areas across the country, and some of the most uniquely prepared dishes from Austria, Slovenia, and other countries. So if you are looking for the perfect place to bring your date, Tavernetta with its romantic vibe and comfy seats by the lounge fireplace, is your best bet.

Whiskey Row Denver

Whiskey Row Denver

Photo by Rohit Gupta from Unsplash


Run by Frasca alums Duncan Holmes and Allison Anderson, Beckon has turned into one of the most magical restaurants in the city. If you want to enjoy a symphonious experience in the Mile High City that combines multi-course tasting menus with perfect services and hospitality, try this tiny, luxurious restaurant at 2843 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205.

Keep in mind that Beckon is a popular destination for couples and families and you can rarely get a place without reservation. So get a reservation at $150 per person and enjoy the amazing food and atmosphere.

Williams & Graham

Located behind probably the world’s smallest bookstore in the Highland neighborhood, Williams & Graham is one of the most famous bars in Denver that has been in business for more than a decade. If you want a cozy place to have a nice drink, this is your place. You will have a menu full of classics and customized drinks and the largest library of bottles.

And experienced drinkers would agree that a good bar doesn’t just get famous for its collection of drinks. You will also need a talented mixologist specializing in classic and modern cocktails that can surprise you every time you go out with your friends or looking for a great spot to spend an intimate night out with your special one.

Death & Co Denver

Nestled within the opulent lobby of The Ramble Hotel in Denver, you will find a wonderland called Death & Co that has attracted people from all over the country. The seasonal menu, stunning ambiance, staff’s mastery of mixology, and one-of-a-kind drinks, all make this place one of the best bars in Denver.

You will have an open menu, full of flavors ranging from Hurry Up and Wait to Armagnac, Scotch, Pineau des Charentes, carrot eau de vie, or an invigorating combination of tequila, rum, Fino Sherry, watermelon, tomato, and lime found in the refreshing Clear Sky. In short, this is a place where anyone must visit at least once in their lives.

The Cruise Room

The Cruise Room is perhaps the most famous bar in Denver that was modeled after a lounge on the Queen Mary and gained its reputation primarily after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. The Cruise Room is located in the Oxford Hotel and as you would expect it is a masterpiece, featuring some of the most artistic interior designs ever created.

But the decor is not the only thing that is considered to be phenomenal here. The drinks and cocktails will perfectly combine with the jazz and blues vibe in the place, offering an unforgettable experience in Denver’s longest-standing bar.

Whiskey Row Denver

Whiskey Row Denver

Photo by Luan Pham from Unsplash

Bar Helix

Located in the RiNo Art District, Bar Helix is the symbol of elegance and sophistication. With its stylish and modern design, an impressive collection of wine, cocktails, small plates, and an immersive, cozy vibe, you will have all you need for a memorable night out with your friends and loved ones. Just order your favorite drink and enjoy the music!


Like a gem hidden behind a freezer door in a popular pizza joint in the RiNo Art District, Retrograde is one of those places where it has its own type of regulars. The first thing you will notice about this bar is the menu that comes with plenty of creative and inventive cocktails, combining popular drinks like shiitake-infused gin, rye, rum, coconut, ginger, and curry tincture.

But there is more to this place that despite its relatively out-of-sight location has attracted cocktail enthusiasts and adventurous drinkers. The most captivating point about Retrograde is its historical vibe that will take you to a bygone era of retro charm and nostalgia.

Whiskey Row Denver

And last but not least, we’ll have our favorite place in town, Whiskey Row Denver. While Whiskey Row Denver is one of the top 10 perfect restaurants in the town, it has also been a popular destination for whiskey enthusiasts who want to take a break and recharge their batteries after a long day at work or have an intimate night out with their friends.

Bottom Line

Denver is a thriving city that has a lot to offer, from thin mountain air to craft beer. But Denver’s dynamic restaurant scene is the one that has the most potential. Many argue that food isn’t Denver’s most impressive feature. But we look at everything as an opportunity, and as business owners, we know the value of a good investment from miles away.

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