Virtual Tour Pricing
Virtual Tour Pricing
Virtual Tour Pricing

In 2013, Google launched their “See Inside” initiative with small businesses across the country. Since then, the buzz surrounding custom education 3D virtual tours has been massive. However, Momentum 360 offers our clients in this area more than simply a virtual tour.

We provide a wide range of multi-media solutions to truly optimize your digital presence. That means we are capable of handling everything from viral food videos to running Facebook Ad Campaigns, and everything in between. Check out this example, shot by our partners at OmniSight, by clicking the image to see how to implement our photography and videography expertise within your custom virtual tour.


Custom 3D Virtual Tour Services

Our custom virtual tours are Momentum 360’s newest service to the marketplace. Now, large facilities like convention centers, schools, venues, and more can get a custom 3D virtual tour. Most facilities don’t need Matterport simply because they don’t want to show off every single aspect of the space. We get that! That’s why we made these custom 3D virtual tours. It allows for you to show off the best spots of your space, giving future clients exactly what they want to see. Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours for your school!

3D virtual tours will continue to evolve over the span of this technological era, creating better viewing capabilities back by the world’s most up-to-date virtual reality software. We hope you’re just as pumped as we are to show this off to the world! Take a look at our custom 3D virtual tours and then give us a call!

Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours

How Our Custom 3D Virtual Tours Work

Just like our Matterport and Google Virtual Tours, they’re shot with a 3D camera on a tri-pod. The difference in our custom tours is that we cut the fat and only keep the meat. If you’re interested in showing your large space in the most efficient manner possible, this virtual tour is the one for you.

Our custom 3D virtual tours come with a key, or map, to give you an exact idea of where you are at all times. In addition, we also embedded little tabs on your tour to make you jump from place to place inside your space in a matter of seconds. Time is money, and the tours are no exception. We can’t wait to take your space to the next level with virtual technology!

Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Photography

Custom 3D Virtual Tour Projects also comes with 360 Panos and photography. Similarly to Google Street View, these panos will be shot on a revolving 3D camera, capturing 4K panos for your space. These custom panos are good for your website and social media platforms. 

With a custom 3D virtual tour blended with stunning 4k panos and pictures, your space will be booming in no time! We can’t wait to get started. Contact Momentum now to get a quote for your project with us! Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours is what you need!

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Learn More about our Google Virtual Tour Services featuring Matterport & Google Street View!

Partnered with Google and Matterport, Momentum 360 has been providing immersive Google Virtual Tour services for over 5 years, including Google Street View Tours, Matterport Virtual Tours, 3D Photography & More. Schedule A Demo to Learn More!



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    Benefits to the user ?

    Walk Inside a Property with Google Street View

    Google Virtual Tours embed Google Street View 3D Pano photos stitched together so you can seamlessly walk through the inside of a property or business.

    Immerse Yourself in Knowledge: Exploring the World of Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours

    Imagine stepping into a vibrant 3D replica of the ancient Roman Colosseum, exploring its intricate details without ever leaving your classroom. Or picture traversing the vast landscapes of the Amazon rainforest, learning about its diverse ecosystems with an interactive guide. This immersive learning experience is now possible thanks to Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours, revolutionizing the way students engage with education.

    Beyond Static Images: The Power of 3D

    For generations, textbooks and flat images have been the primary tools for visualizing concepts in education. While valuable, they often fall short in sparking curiosity and igniting a true understanding of complex topics. Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours bridge this gap by creating dynamic, interactive environments that transport students directly into the heart of the subject matter.

    Tailored to Specific Needs:

    Unlike generic virtual tours, Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours are built specifically for the unique needs of educators and students. They can be designed to align with specific curriculums, learning objectives, and age groups. Imagine a high school biology class exploring the inner workings of the human body in a richly detailed 3D model, complete with interactive hotspots highlighting key organs and functions. Similarly, elementary school students could embark on a virtual field trip to a historical landmark, experiencing its architecture and artifacts firsthand.

    Benefits Beyond Traditional Learning:

    Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours offer a multitude of advantages over traditional learning methods:

      • Increased Engagement: The interactive and immersive nature of 3D tours actively engages students, boosting their interest and motivation to learn.
      • Improved Accessibility: Virtual tours provide access to locations and experiences that might be physically or financially impossible for students to visit in person. This is especially beneficial for students with disabilities or those living in remote areas.
      • Enhanced Knowledge Retention: Studies show that immersive learning experiences like 3D tours lead to better information retention and understanding compared to traditional techniques.
      • Accessibility Across Devices: Most custom 3D virtual tours are accessible on various devices, including computers, tablets, and even smartphones, allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere.
      • Personalized Learning: 3D tours can be customized to cater to individual learning styles and needs. Students can explore at their own pace, revisit specific sections, and delve deeper into topics that pique their interest.

    Creating Your Own Learning Journey:

    The possibilities for Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours are endless. From exploring historical battles to dissecting virtual frogs, these tours can transform various fields like:

      • History: Step back in time and witness historical events unfold in 3D reconstructions.
      • Science: Experience the wonders of the human body, explore the depths of the ocean, or journey through the solar system.
      • Literature: Walk through the fictional worlds of classic novels and engage with characters in a new way.
      • Language Learning: Immerse yourself in different cultures and practice language skills in real-time scenarios.

    Making it Real:

    Developing Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours requires expertise in 3D modeling, programming, and educational content creation. Several specialized companies offer these services, catering to the specific needs of schools, universities, and educational institutions.

    The Future of Learning is Immersive:

    Custom Education 3D Virtual Tours are rapidly changing the landscape of education, making learning more engaging, accessible, and effective. As technology advances and costs decrease, we can expect these immersive experiences to become increasingly commonplace in classrooms worldwide. So, prepare to step into a future where learning is no longer confined to textbooks and static images, but a vibrant, interactive journey through the wonders of knowledge.

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