All Startups Are a Risk!

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Sean with Tour

Sean Boyle's Interview on Eatmynews

Sean Boyle is a Philadelphia based Entrepreneur. He currently owns a digital marketing company, Momentum Digital. Momentum provides digital marketing services to small businesses. During COVID-19, Momentum 360, a branch of Momentum Digital which provides virtual real estate content, has been exploding due to the increase in demand. You can learn more by checking out their website at


I handle mostly the Momentum 360 side of things now due to the high demand. We have over 30+ locations and over 100+ contractors. My journey was based in realization. I realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I didn’t know how. While I was in college I met my business partner Mac who founded Momentum, I sunk my teeth in and took extreme action. All start ups are a risk, but if you don’t take the risk, you can never receive any benefit.

You have to stay organized and stick to your schedule. You understand the agenda of the day and give yourself moments to put out fires where you need to. You have to adapt considerably throughout the day. No day is ever the same. That’s why I love this business.

Sean and Mac


Mac came up with the idea and concept of the company. I took ownership as his partner this April. It feels pretty good to be 23 and own a company. It’s a lot of exciting work and I wake up everyday thanking god for this life. In terms of executing, its pretty simple. I identify what needs to be done in order to grow and scale. I base all my decisions around growing. If I see that I have something in my calendar that doesn’t line up with growth, I delete it immediately. I’m laser focused and just try to make the best out of my days.

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