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Who is Sean Boyle?

Sean Boyle is a serial entrepreneur, commanding a 7-figure digital marketing agency called Momentum. He also Founded “The Sean Boyle Podcast”, a weekly podcast on entrepreneurship, investing and lifestyle.

In his free time, you can find him working hard at the gym, training jiu-jitsu, reading self-improvement books and dining at some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

He grew up just outside of Philadelphia in a town called Whitemarsh. Growing up, Sean played many different sports, traded baseball cards and founded lemonade stands. Entrepreneurship has always been in his blood.

He graduated from Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, The oldest catholid high school in America. He also graduated from Penn State in 2020 with a BA in Advertising and an unofficial minor in Spanish.

How Sean Boyle Optimizes Entrepreneur Magazine

Sean Boyle has written over a dozen articles since his time as an author for Entrepreneur Magazine. The quality and consistency of his team’s content has continued to generate a considerble reader base that includes multiple different countries across the globe.

entrepreneur magazine sean boyle
sean boyle entrepreneur magazine

Starting a Small Business?

Sean joined forces with Mac in 2018, started as an intern, and soon made partner right before he graduated Penn State in 2020. The biggest piece of advice he can give to people looking to start their own small business is to get partners who have similar core values.

This makes it so much more feasible to have a successful business. Want to learn how to start up? Schedule a call with Sean below.

What is The Big Question?

Ask yourself: What makes me happy? My job? Hobbies? Friends?

Whatever it is, you need to harness that energy and create something with it. That’s the only way you’ll be able to gain true happiness. People think that starting their own business is the answer…and it’s not. You may find that you aren’t entrepreneurial at all…you just liked the thought of becoming one. You need to look deep in your soul like Sean did to find out your true calling.

When Sean isn’t making podcasts or doing business, he’s traveling!

Check out some of the awesome places he’s been in his 23 year old life!

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Hosted by Serial Entrepreneur, Sean Boyle, focuses on ultimate human optimization. Our guests discuss their best strategies on how they’ve changed their personal, business and spiritual lives for the better!


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