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Virtual Tour Pricing
Virtual Tour Pricing
Virtual Tour Pricing

Interim Healthcare

Interim Healthcare

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare is the nation’s first home care company and a trusted provider of home healthcare, personal care and support, hospice care and medical staffing services.

Why Choose Interim HealthCare?

Where and how you receive care matters. Interim HealthCare has pioneered the way care is delivered through a home-based, flexible care model that combines clinical expertise, innovation and experience with highly personalized care. The result is an unrivaled caliber of care for our clients, patients and healthcare partners.

Distinguished by Our HomeLife Enrichment® Standard of Care


Built on more than five decades of experience by the people who pioneered home care, our HomeLife Enrichment (HLE) holistic model of care sets us apart. At every age and stage of care, we serve a full continuum of needs that span every service line—from home healthcare and senior care to hospice care and medical staffing. This allows us to provide exceptional care in a place that’s best for the people and partners we serve. Our HLE standard of care raises the level of care by engaging the mind, body, spirit and family to deliver an optimal care experience. Combined with our commitment to clinical excellence, HLE offers the highest quality of personalized care available.

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Our meticulously crafted virtual tour seamlessly guides viewers through every room, providing an unparalleled sense of space and atmosphere. Elevate your property listings and captivate clients with an engaging, interactive experience that transcends traditional photos.

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    Walk Inside a Property with Google Street View

    Google Virtual Tours embed Google Street View 3D Pano photos stitched together so you can seamlessly walk through the inside of a property or business.

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