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Virtual Tour Pricing
Virtual Tour Pricing
Virtual Tour Pricing

LSI Boston

Why become a Host for LSI students?

Hosting an international student can be an eye-opening experience, providing exposure to people and places many of our hosts may never have the opportunity to visit first-hand. By becoming a host, you’ll experience a true cultural exchange, sharing knowledge of your culture whilst learning about the many different cultures represented by our students. Often hosts build lasting relationships with their students.

During the project we shot:

LSI Boston Virtual Tour, LSI Boston, Momentum 360
LSI Boston Virtual Tour, LSI Boston, Momentum 360

How we place students

For LSI, it’s essential that hosting students is a positive experience for both our students and homestay hosts. When students apply for homestay accommodation they are asked to fill out their requirements and preferences. The school accommodation officer will then find the best homestay match. Whatever the request, whether it’s a special dietary need, a wish to stay in a family with young children or a home with no pets, LSI will accommodate students in the most suitable homestay for them.

Similarly our homestay hosts can also express their preferences. Some hosts prefer to have older students, or maybe are only able to offer B & B. The school accommodation officers use their knowledge of homestay hosts to place the students in the most appropriate accommodation. LSI has a good success rate in matching students to homestay host with many students spending their entire stay with the same host.

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