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Mintek Resources | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mintek Resources is your one-stop shop for lime-based products used to dry, modify, & stabilize your wet, unworkable soils. Mintek hired Momentum 360 to do a Cloudpano Virtual Tour for their project! 

Mintek Resources

Mintek Resources

Mintek Resources is a unique, materials based company that provides the highest quality lime product to businesses all across the world. Based in Europe, Mintek has made a conscious effort to build in the America’s.

Mintek Resources’s tour was incredibly enjoyable to shoot and capture with, we recommend that anyone who needs a uniqe materials company to contact them for all your lime needs!

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Many material based companies need a more comprehensive way to create more brand awareness for their company, which is one of the biggest priorities for them as their lifetime of the company gets bigger and bigger.

We base our virtual tour service quote off of the size of your facility, which in Mintek Resource’s case, was very large based on the size of it!

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    Mintek Resources

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