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This fantastic 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath town home is the perfect blend of contemporary design and Old City feel. Located just a short walk from many of Philadelphia’s most historic landmarks, there is never a shortage of activities for the entire family to enjoy. Feel free to explore this beautiful property, including the master bath that offers an over sized European style tub and floor to ceiling glass shower. Our real estate photography shows off this stunning piece of property. 

This old school feel to it is just what Philadelphia represents! Sure, we love new buildings and real estate in the area, but this old school style is the icing on the cake to the spirit of the city of brotherly love. Most people ask us questions like, “isn’t it difficult to shoot up the stairs?” Our answer? Of course. But with our sturdy tripod and expert Google Photographers it doesn’t matter. They’re capable of shooting any angle, anywhere. This is what separates our real estate videography from the rest. We’re willing to do what other’s won’t.

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