Ultimate Sustainability

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Virtual Tour Pricing
Virtual Tour Pricing
Virtual Tour Pricing

Ultimate Sustainability

Ultimate Sustainability

Ultimate Sustainability 

Creating bright, sustainable futures for young adults with autism and related conditions, by helping turn their challenges into victories and inspiring and supporting them to reach their full potential.

Home and Community-based Services

Community involvement and integration are the focus of each Participant’s individualized program. Participants experience vast opportunities in the community to successfully gain personal development. These opportunities include physical fitness and health, vocational, social and educational engagements throughout the day. Data is collected to assess a Participant’s success and is adjusted to obtain the maximum outcomes possible.

Discovery Program

The Discovery Program offers the opportunity to explore all that the surrounding communities have to offer. Participants engage in daily outings that are goal-oriented to provide fulfilling and enriching experiences. The focus of the Program is to facilitate personal growth in physical fitness and health, social, volunteer and pre-vocational experiences. Self-help skills are also integrated into each day. Specialists work with Participants to keep the day fun, educational and motivating.

Employment Services

Employment services are built upon supporting the Participant in exploring employment opportunities. Through a variety of partnerships in the community, Participants are afforded the opportunity to gain new skills and discover their unique talents and interests.

Employment Exploration Program

The Employment Exploration Program takes the first steps to begin exploring the components of the work environment. Specialists work with Participants to identify interests and goals to facilitate success. Community partners offer opportunities to explore work relationships and job elements. Skills are personalized to match a Participant’s goals and abilities, with a focus toward future employment. Participants continue to take part in all the fulfilling opportunities the Discovery Program has to offer.

Employment Development Program

The Employment Development Program provides Participants with the opportunity to identify successful employment opportunities and secure fulfilling employment. Specialists guide Participants through the process.

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Ultimate Sustainability

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