Introducing Virtual Tour Live Video Chat

Allowing users to seamlessly show off their virtual tours with clients and prospects at the push of a button!

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With Openhouse Live customers
are there with you

Share instant virtual access to property anywhere in the world. Add multi user tour sync & video conferencing to tours on all leading virtual tour platforms


Virtual tours with built in video conferencing & live streaming

Present properties to customers remotely in 3D or 360 whilst building rapport via multi user video conferencing and live tour streaming.


Real time tour viewing on multiple platforms with synced sharing

Showcase property to multiple people in different locations, handing over control at any time to guide participants through the tours.


Embed Facebook Messenger into existing & new virtual tours

Embed Facebook Messenger into your 3D or 360 tours to generate instant enquiries and start new conversations about your property portfolio.

With multi-user virtual tour sync & live video conferencing you can travel less and sell more

Easy to use, Outstanding Results.

Simply enter your Matterport, Kuula, Cupix, Metareal or Google Streetview tour URL and start a live session with customers in under 60 seconds


Add a new dimension to your virtual tours with Openhouse Audio

No Downloads, One Click Access

Simply enter a tour URL to create an Openhouse Tour

Live 'In Tour' Video Conferencing

Take buyers through the sales journey with live video chat

Guided Tour Synced Across All Devices

Let others take control with a synced 3D or 360 tour

Automatically Sync With Your Calendar

Add scheduled tours to your calender plus invite clients

Add Facebook Messenger To Tours

Generate new leads 24/7 by adding Facebook Messenger

Add Audio to your 3D or 360 Tours

Add audio to existing Matterport tours using just your mobile

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